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Live production is a great tool for getting closer to your audience, analyzing their interests better, and strengthening relationships. However, many companies still avoid creating live content due to the heap of myths surrounding production.

You need a lot of people on location

One of the misconceptions is that creating an event requires a lot of people working directly on the site. Misguided by this idea, people think the platform for a live stream event should be huge to accommodate all workers and participants, all the operators, designers, and so on.

Although it takes a lot of people to create an event, they don’t have to be present on the set in person. The remote production process empowers the content production team to work worldwide. While part will be working directly at the location, other specialists will be able to provide the necessary services from any country they are based in.

Live streams run for too long

Many new studies agree that it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract the attention of the audience, and it is almost impossible to hold it for more than half an hour on end.

In some ways, they do have a point, but if it were always like this, people wouldn’t go to cinemas or attend business summits. This means that the length of your show is not that important. It can be 40 minutes or four hours, but as long as the theme of your show meets the needs of the audience, viewers will continue watching your stream.

No payback

Often live streams are perceived as a waste of (a lot of) money that does not pay off. At the same time, monetizing a live show is really labor-intensive process, and not every event manages to break even on the first try.

However, live events are a marketing tool that should primarily be aimed at achieving business goals. Like any marketing activity, the event must correspond to the overall strategy. Individually, all marketing activities may not do much, but together they improve the brand’s reputation, expand the base of potential customers, and so on.

Idea means more than implementation

Content is king. A good idea differentiates your show from others in the same niche. It is the content that determines the audience you will attract. However, you cannot compare an idea and its implementation.

Inadequate implementation can ruin even the best idea. Incorrect lighting, poor-quality sound recording, and too dark a room make the show simply impossible to watch. Of course, it is almost entirely unfeasible to implement a show all on your own, so it’s worth turning to contractors and partnering with a content production team.

It’s too risky and unexpected

Pre-recorded content can be edited until you like the end result. If something goes wrong during filming, it can always be corrected and re-recorded. Live shows don’t give you that opportunity. For brands with a good reputation, this approach is considered to be too risky.

Although live broadcasts are recorded in one take, they are not completely improvised. Any stream has its own script, which takes into account all the details to create a high-quality show. In addition, experienced content companies come up with additional action plans in case of any issues so that the viewer does not even know about them.

Creating a live show is no easy process. It requires a lot of resources: money, time, qualified personnel... However, this tool brings many benefits that other activities cannot provide. Before you start creating your live show, consider all the pros and cons and find an experienced team, but don’t let myths that won’t do your business any good hold you back.