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Terms of Use

General Terms and Conditions. Subject of the Terms of Use

The Administrator of this website is WePlay Esports Media, Inc.

These Terms of Use are a public offer agreement that establishes and governs relations between the website Administrator and the User regarding the actual use of the website and other issues. By visiting the website, the User acknowledges that they have read these Terms of Use and agree to comply with its terms and conditions without reservation. The Administrator manages and supports the website and uploads content to it.

If the User does not wish to comply with any clause of these Terms of Use, they must not visit and/or use the website.

The Administrator reserves the right to introduce changes/updates to the Terms of Use from time to time, which will become effective from the date of publication of the revised version of the Terms of Use. Thus, the User must check these Terms of Use for possible updates from time to time.

Purpose of the Website

The Website is primarily intended to present WePlay Esports Media, Inc. to potential business partners and position the company as an esports tournament operator, a producer of high-quality esports media content, i.e., it is B2B-focused.

Other users can also find a variety of interesting news, interviews, publications on esports industry development and trends.

Website Users who are interested in:

  • Collaboration and/or clarification of individual issues.
  • Obtaining accreditation for esports events held under the WePlay Esports brand

can send their contact details for follow-up via a special form on the website.

The website is not available from the following countries and territories: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Cuba, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Iraq, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Lebanese Republic, State of Libya, Federal Republic of Somalia, Republic of the Sudan, Darfur, Republic of South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Republic of Yemen, Republic of Zimbabwe, Republic of Nicaragua, Republic of Mali, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions of Ukraine.

The Administrator reserves the right to change the content scope, its qualitative and/or quantitative set, or functional specifications of the website from time to time.

The user interface of the website is available in several language versions. The main language of the website is English. The User's device may have a language selected that is different from the one the website should be loaded in by default based on the User's geolocation or the one that is the most comfortable for the User. In this case, the User can change the website interface language through the settings by selecting the required language from the list of available languages.

If the User visits the website for the first time, and, in the settings, selects a different language than the one in which the website was loaded by default for the first time, then the next time they visit the website, it will be loaded in the language that was selected by the User in the settings during their last session.

No Children

This website may only be used/accessed by Users aged 13 years old and older. If it becomes known to the Administrator that any personal information has been sent to them by a person under the age of 13, such information will be immediately deleted by the Administrator.

Intellectual Property

Any and all audiovisual/photo content (hereinafter referred to as media materials) shared with the User through the website, and all exclusive intellectual property rights to it, including but not limited to copyright, TVOD rights, EST (including Internet Downloading) rights, SVOD rights, FVOD rights, and ADVOD rights; NVOD rights; mobile rights; cinema rights — theatrical, non-theatrical, public performance rights; pay-per-view rights — residential PayPerView rights; pay TV rights — rights to digital terrestrial pay TV, cable pay TV, satellite pay TV, catch-up pay TV, basic pay TV, premium pay TV; free TV rights — rights to free digital terrestrial TV, free cable TV, free satellite TV, free catch-up TV, retransmission rights belong exclusively to the Administrator.

The Administrator grants the User a non-exclusive, revocable right to use the media materials throughout the world, royalty-free, by downloading and publishing them on their resources on the Internet and in print publications, for illustrative purposes only, to cover certain events and news in the field of esports, sports, or business. Such media materials may be distributed in accordance with the provisions set out in this paragraph and can be found in the Press Room section. Publishing such media materials on Internet resources is considered acceptable if the User makes the appropriate reference "Photo/video credit: weplayholding.сom." If the photo/video in question has a name in the website Press Room section, the name of the media materials in question must also be specified.

The User may not:

  • Make any changes to the media material that change or distort the actual essence of information about the persons, events, facts that are presented in the media materials.
  • Adapt, translate into other languages/dialects of the world, combine media materials together.
  • Use any bots or applications to search and/or extract information from the website.
  • Use the media materials for any commercial purposes (sale, sublicensing, exchange, as a contribution to the authorized capital, etc.), for advertising/sponsorship integration of product and service trademarks, actual third-party products/works/services, brand names, etc.
  • Use the media materials to create derivative intellectual property.
  • Use the media materials to disseminate any unreliable, distorted, unverified information, information that be misleading to Internet users.
  • Use individual components of media materials separately from the media material itself (for example, music separately from the video footage, or an image of a person from a photo separately from the photo).

The User shall be responsible for infringing the Administrator's intellectual property rights and/or for any infringement of third parties' intellectual property rights.

To obtain authorization to use the media materials for any other purpose and/or under any other conditions, the User must contact the Administrator for written authorization.

All other intellectual property, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, names, commercial names, texts of news/publications/interviews, photos, images of individuals, graphic images, design, sketches, visual identity, etc., which are located on the website, but outside the Press Room section, belong by right of ownership or by right of use (according to the relevant License Agreements) to the Administrator and may not be used by Users in any way, regardless of the purpose of such use.

The website expressed in the objective form of a given computer code is also subject to intellectual property rights. All intellectual property rights to the website as an object of copyright belong to the Administrator. The User may not interfere with the computer code of the website in any way or try to damage the installed security systems. Any attempt to do so identified by the Administrator can be regarded by the Administrator as an attempt to prejudice the Administrator and/or the website and shall be grounds for initiating an internal investigation of the incident immediately, and may be reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies for further prosecution of the User.

By sending active links to their own materials (articles, publications, interviews) and/or their actual text materials through the feedback channel, the User grants the Administrator a permanent, non-exclusive right to show, distribute, publicly display, and use such materials in any way throughout the world and at no additional cost. By sending their materials to the Administrator, the User guarantees and confirms that they have sufficient ownership and/or use rights to such materials as intellectual property, and the Administrator's use of such intellectual property will not violate third-party rights to them.

Administrator Rights

In addition to any other Administrator rights set out in various sections of these Terms of Use, the Administrator has the following rights:

  • To introduce any changes at any time to any part of the website operation and/or content and/or this version of the Terms of Use at its sole discretion.
  • To send messages to the User's email address that the User has provided to the Administrator: a) for the purpose of receiving news; b) for the purpose of receiving feedback, which may contain: (i) news; (ii) partnership support information or notification of any action (for example, confirming the accreditation for an esports event); (iii) other content, including mixed content.
  • To place advertising or sponsorship displays/integrations on the website from time to time or on an ongoing basis.
  • To share the media materials with the User "as is," i.e., keeping all advertising and sponsorship integrations that took place during the recording of a live broadcast of a particular esports event, interview, or show.
  • To share the text/audio content with the User "as is," i.e., in the language used for commenting/presenting the esports event, interview, or show.
  • To perform the necessary updates, technical changes, and troubleshooting at the website at any time, which may make the website and/or content and/or media materials temporarily inaccessible.
  • To restrict access to the website or certain content for Users from certain countries/jurisdictions under the local laws in force.

The Administrator shall:

  • Make all reasonably practicable efforts to protect the User's personal data and prevent their leakage or unauthorized access to them by third parties.

Rights and Responsibilities of the User

In addition to any other User rights set out in various sections of these Terms of Use, the User has the following rights:

  • To use media materials under the conditions set out in these Terms of Use.
  • To stop using the website at any time on their own conviction.

In addition to any other User responsibilities set out in various sections of these Terms of Use, the User shall:

  • Use the service and/or view the content only in the manner and under the conditions set out in these Terms of Use.
  • Not send to the Administrator through the feedback channel any text, graphic, or audio content, and/or audiovisual materials that belong to any third parties, and for the use of which the User does not have the appropriate rights or licenses.
  • Not attempt in any way to install/upload to the website malware, spyware, or viruses, not attempt to use technical solutions, etc.
  • Not attempt to disrupt the website and/or its security system in any way.
  • Not transfer, sublicense, or dispose of in any way, for a fee or free of charge their rights and obligations under these Terms of Use to third parties. Any such action shall be invalid and shall not have any legal effect neither for the Administrator nor the User from the time it is performed.
  • If a User is under the age of 13, they may not use the website.
  • The User shall be held liable for all actions relating to the misuse of the website and/or media materials and/or other intellectual property.
  • The User may not in any way and for any purpose collect other Users' contact information, including personal information they have provided through the website.

User's Personal Data

The procedure for collecting, processing, the purpose of using the User's personal data on the website, their transfer to third parties, the User's rights in respect of their personal data, and means for exercising them are governed by the Privacy Policy.

Limitation Of Administrator's Liability

All the content and the website as a whole are made available to the User "as is," and the Administrator makes no warranties or representations of any kind whatsoever about them.

The Administrator assumes no responsibility for the use of the website by a person under the age of 13. If the Administrator finds out that a User under the age of 13 has sent their contact (personal) data through the feedback channel, the Administrator shall take action to delete such data as soon as reasonably practicable.

The Administrator assumes no responsibility for the content and accuracy of advertising/sponsored materials published on the website, and the quality of goods/services advertised.

The Administrator assumes no responsibility to the User for possible technical defects/failures/software malfunctions leading to inadequate website operation, which may be caused by both shortcomings on the Administrator's side and shortcomings on the side of the Internet service provider, server provider, etc.

The Administrator assumes no responsibility for third-party resources and their content, accessible via links on the website. The User shall follow the links to such resources at their own risk.

The Administrator assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, direct and/or indirect damage, including but not limited to property, material damage, emotional distress to the User, including possible damage due to the denial of accreditation for any esports event to the User.

If the Administrator, an employee or contractor of the Administrator, or any one of the Administrator's affiliates receives a third-party claim regarding the User's use of the media content or any other intellectual property primarily published on the website, the User shall settle such a dispute independently, without involving the Administrator, at their own expense, including involving professional legal assistance, and reimburse to it the possible expenses incurred due to its involvement in such a dispute.


The User Agreement shall be valid for an indefinite period starting from 1 May, 2021 and shall apply to all Users actually using the website.

This User Agreement is drawn up under the laws of the State of Delaware, the U.S., and the federal laws of the United States of America, without regard to any conflict of law/international private law principles.

Any disputes between the Administrator and the User that cannot be resolved through negotiation shall be referred for consideration and final settlement to a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Delaware, the U.S.

If a court declares any part (Paragraph and/or Section) of this User Agreement to be invalid, the invalidation of such part shall not entail the automatic invalidation of any other provisions of the User Agreement.

If the Administrator fails to exercise any rights under this User Agreement, such failure to exercise a right shall in no way be deemed a waiver thereof.

The numbering of items and sections is intended for convenience only, and any technical typo when referring to a particular Paragraph/Section shall be disregarded for construing the terms and conditions of the User Agreement and shall not affect the actual legal relationship between the Administrator and the User.

Date: 1 May, 2021