Selecting a Production Company: What Do You Need to Know about Your Partner?

Selecting a Production Company What Do You Need to Know about Your Partner

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Finding a production partner is not easy. What to pay attention to? How do you check that your goals are on par with a partner’s capabilities? Here you will find a short guide that will give you a head start when looking for a content production company.


The first thing you will definitely come across is the company’s portfolio. Most likely, there will be attention-grabbing photos or videos; some will add technical data. However, if we are talking about a company that makes virtual shows, then, most likely, examples of their content can be found online. In that case, in addition to the selected best moments, you will get a complete picture of the event with all its nuances. Try to find more recent events that will show the stage of development the company is presently at.

Social media

The success of a future event largely depends on the production company’s reputation. Just enter the name of your potential partner in the search bar and see in what context the audience mentions it. If the company does not know how to manage work with fans, then how can they assert that they will find common ground with your audience? So, if you want to understand how your potential partner interacts with fans, check their Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Learn more about using social media to serve your business here.


One of the difficulties when choosing a company to create content for you is a misunderstanding of product pricing. Obviously, the price depends on a number of facts, including people involved in the project, equipment used, etc. However, contrary to popular belief, a higher price doesn’t mean better quality. Most of the money might go towards renting a location or generously paying specialists, not for additional technologies or special effects. Without a clearly detailed quotation, you won’t be able to see if a partner’s pricing is reasonable.


You can learn much about a company from open sources by viewing projects and use cases, but this does not replace personal communication. It is face-to-face meetings that will help you better understand whether you will be comfortable working together. In addition, through open communication, you will be able to convey the goals that you set for the project and make sure that you are on the same page about them.

Of course, at the search and negotiations stages, you will have many questions. This is normal! A reliable content production partner will help you figure it out and answer all your questions so that you understand what you are paying for and what result you will get. As a content production company, WePlay Studios spends quite a lot of time communicating with clients and conducting tours of its arena in order to explain as clearly as possible what exactly can be created and what goals can be achieved together.