WePlay Holding launches #StopRussianPropaganda. Visual: WePlay Holding

WePlay Holding launches #StopRussianPropaganda initiative to dispel myths about Ukraine. Join us!

April 29, 2022
2022 3 min read

#StopRussianPropaganda is a cultural and information project intended to dispel stereotypes about Ukraine that russia has been imposing on the world for years. The main goal of the initiative is to draw the attention of the global community to Ukraine: its history, traditions, and unique culture. 

Russian propaganda systematically creates fakes, promoting its own narratives and manipulating facts — and not only within its country but abroad as well. To counter the media dictatorship, WePlay Holding has created a special project — #StopRussianPropaganda. 

Initially, it was conceived as a feature for the company’s corporate blog, but in the process, it developed into a socio-cultural initiative. Сompany representatives became the heroes of the project. They shared their stories, debunking stereotypes about their home cities and towns. All of them are Ukrainians, working for different departments, of varying age, gender, and outlook on life, but all are united by a passion for justice and the values of truth and freedom of speech.

At this difficult time for our country, when Ukraine is suffering from a brutal war unleashed by russia, everyone is fighting on their own front. Having joined forces within the team, we are now announcing the #StopRussianPropaganda project. This is our attempt to use the power of the word to counter russian propaganda and misinformation,” says Alena Dalskaya-Latosiewicz, chief communications officer at WePlay Holding.

Even though the historical destinies of Ukraine and russia have long been intertwined, the mentality and culture of the two countries differ greatly. This is sometimes hard to grasp for those outside the context of Ukraine-russia relations and the associated problems. That is why it’s essential to speak up about russia appropriating a great share of Ukrainian culture and history.

We have seen Ukrainian identity being devalued and misunderstood more than once. After all, russia has been destroying Ukraine’s centuries-old history for years, appropriating our culture. The #StopRussianPropaganda project is intended to make the international audience aware that Ukraine is a unique, independent state that has nothing to do with russia,” says Marichka Kritenko, brand manager at WePlay Holding.

The first part of the project addresses russian myths about Ukrainian cities, for example, about Kyiv being the capital of fascism and Lviv the center of nationalism, and that Kharkiv supposedly has always been Russian. In the second part of the project, the authors will tell their international audience about Ukraine’s national and cultural heritage: its traditions and symbols, its artists and their achievements.

To implement a similar project, you can use our guide “5 easy steps for joining the #StopRussianPropaganda initiative”:


The WePlay Holding team hope the esports community, teams, and organizations, Ukrainian companies and foundations, the media and their readers, bloggers and influencers, social media users and all those who share the value of living in a misinformation-free society will pick up the torch before long.

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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