WePlay Esports will be the technical partner of the Football.ua tournament in FIFA 21. Image: WePlay Holding

WePlay Esports will be the technical partner of the Football.ua tournament in FIFA 21

June 12, 2021
2021 5 min read

WePlay Esports will share its expertise in conducting esports competitions to organize the Cyber Cup FIFA 21 tournament.

Esports media holding company WePlay Esports continues to expand into new disciplines and move beyond the usual Dota 2 and CS:GO. In June 2021, WePlay Esports will be the technical partner of the competition for FIFA 21, a football simulation video game from Electronic Arts. The tournament is organized by Football.ua.

The matches will be played on the GG.ua tournament platform from June 21 to July 24, 2021. You can participate if you have a Sony PlayStation or an Xbox. 

“Esoccer is a new and interesting field for us, and one we plan to actively expand into in the future. I am sure that our expertise as an accomplished esports event organizer will help Football.ua create a massive, memorable FIFA 21 tournament and attract several thousand participants,” said Oleksii Nogin, head of tournament operations at WePlay Esports.

The Sony PlayStation and Xbox competitions will run in parallel over a four-week period. Each week, four divisions will be playing (it’s the participants who will decide which division to register for). After that, the best players of each division will face each other in the week’s final. At the end of each of the four weeks, the best players of each platform (PS and Xbox) will be selected to participate in the grand final. Players will be able to compete during each of the four weeks if they fail to qualify for the grand final from the start. Thus, everyone will have four chances to test their might.

Cyber Cup FIFA 21 will be commentated by Yuriy “Strike” Tereshchenko, a WePlay Esports talent, and Yevhen “Yozhyk” Mostovyk, a professional FIFA player and the most decorated FIFA player in Ukraine. 


The prize pool of Cyber Cup FIFA 21 will be as follows:

  • Sony PlayStation 5 (for the winner in the Sony PlayStation category)  
  • Samsung Crystal UHD TV (for the winner in the Xbox category)

Also, the winner of the tournament on Sony PlayStation will get a special prize – an opportunity to play FIFA 21 against Yevhen “Yozhyk” Mostovyk and try their hand in a duel with a professional athlete. In addition, the six semifinalists will get Adidas Uniforia Euro 2020 soccer balls — the official balls of the European Championship in 2020. Among those who will play for the Liverpool team, additional prizes will be awarded at random. 

“In the spring of 2020, when our country and the whole world were overtaken by the coronavirus pandemic, football and other sports were put on hold. The editors and I started thinking about what we could offer our readers at a time when there were virtually no sports events. The main task of a sports publication is to tell people about sports. But what could we do when there was no sport? We didn’t want readers to lose interest in our website. That’s when the idea to hold an esports soccer tournament in the FIFA 20 video game was born.

Before the registration started, we assumed that there would be very few people willing to take part — some 300 players. But on the first day of registration, we already had almost two or even three times more participants than we had planned.

Having no experience whatsoever in conducting tournaments, we came up with a bracket, classified the participants by type of gaming console... To be honest, there were a lot of shortcomings. But both during the tournament and after it, the participants gave us some tips on what we could do in the future to make tournaments more exciting.

After the tournament, we came to the conclusion that next time, we needed to do everything right: a well-designed tournament grid, a high-quality broadcast of the matchups on YouTube or Twitch. That’s why we turned for help to our friends from WePlay Esports who have a lot of experience in organizing tournaments.

So, I think this one will be more interesting than the one before it. At the request of our readers, the folks from WePlay Esports have drawn on their experience to develop a very exciting bracket for the upcoming tournament. If before, we had single-elimination games where the player was eliminated after losing a match, now the user will play with all the competitors in their bracket. More matchups per player should arouse more interest in the tournament itself.

I would like us all to sit down together and start working on the next tournament after the finals are over. And also, maybe, to give our readers the opportunity to try their hand in boxing and other sports,”
shared Mykola Baletskiy, editor-in-chief of Football.ua. 

You can register for Cyber Cup FIFA 21 here: on PS or Xbox.

The broadcast of the Cyber Cup FIFA 21 will be available at the link. You can find the tournament regulations here, and you can contact tech support via this link

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