Welcome WePlay Studios: WePlay Esports announces plan to establish new brand identity. Visual: WePlay Studios

Welcome WePlay Studios: WePlay Esports announces plan to establish new brand identity

May 2, 2023
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WePlay Esports, one of the world’s most prominent esports business representatives, is happy to announce the start of a branding renovation that will reflect the company’s values and its strategy to grow in the entertainment industry. The first stage of rebranding involves changing the business name to one matching the company’s current course of operation — WePlay Studios.

Throughout its history, WePlay’s mission and values have been based on a dream — the dream of creating not just events and shows but emotions and memories for both viewers and participants. Over more than ten years of work, WePlay Esports has organized and hosted over 25 esports tournaments and gathered a community of over two million subscribers and viewers on its platforms. WePlay Esports was honored to be shortlisted for the 43rd Annual Sports Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Esports Championship Coverage category and a finalist of the 2021 Esports Awards for Creative Team of the Year, among many other awards.

Today, the team is happy to announce the start of a new round of business development as a production company specializing in content creation in the field of entertainment and gaming. Based on the knowledge gained in esports, technology, and the event business, WePlay Studios aims to create groundbreaking entertainment innovation to excel viewers’ experience and accelerate industry development with end-to-end solutions in broadcasting, augmented reality, computer graphics, and venue design.

The history of WePlay began in Kyiv with a staff of 12 and a common passion for gaming. Over more than 10 years of work in Ukraine, we have scaled up to 150+ employees and opened offices and high-tech arenas in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Los Angeles, U.S. During this time, our team has acquired an incredible set of skills and world-class expertise that is second to none. With this in mind, our team is ready to take a step forward to new challenges and projects. We are not leaving esports — we are pushing boundaries,” says Yura Lazebnikov, managing partner and co-founder of WePlay Studios.

Based on the company’s new strategy, WePlay Esports is changing its branding and name to WePlay Studios, reflecting the expansion of its activity beyond the realm of esports.

Starting in 2022, WePlay Studios has bolstered its expertise by trying its hand at streaming gaming shows and entertainment events. The company became the strategic partner for the One True King influencer network and the official production partner of Enthusiast Gaming for NFL Tuesday Night Gaming, a first-of-its-kind gaming collaboration bringing together NFL players and legends and top gaming content creators from prominent organizations.

“Throughout the company’s history, we’ve tried different directions, experimented a lot, and created different products that led us to the one that has become the essence of our current business model — producing content. We’ve built our recognition and awareness around creating iconic events. That is why becoming WePlay Studios is a logical step forward for us,” says Maksym Bilonogov, chief visionary officer and general producer at WePlay Studios.
When you play a video game, you represent a character striving for recognition in their community and lead them towards something bigger and more important. Our team works as we play — aiming towards bigger goals. That’s why continuous improvement and evolution are the only way to create awareness among the audience and be remembered by them. The WePlay Studios team is ready to amaze the public even beyond esports. We are ready to prioritize and encourage all the audience’s interests and show how important they are to us,” says Iryna Chuhai, chief marketing officer at WePlay Studios.

The rebranding will take place over the coming months as a series of steps: from naming change and an update of the brand’s visual elements and color palette to overhauling the corporate website and content around the company. The WePlay Studios team will inform about all changes on its official website and social media pages: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow the links to stay on top of the upcoming news.

Source: WePlay Studios Press Office

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