Statement concerning the WePlay Academy League. Image: WePlay Holding

Statement concerning the WePlay Academy League

Jan. 3, 2022
2022 2 min read

WePlay Esports' position about cooperation with betting companies within the project.

A new, third season of the WePlay Academy League starts soon. For us, the project organizers, it marks a new chapter in the tournament development. Updated rosters, new organizations taking part, revised competition format and prize pool distribution are just a small part of what awaits all of us this season.

However, there are things that never change for us. As at the beginning of the project, the main goal of the WePlay Academy League is to enable young players to develop and improve their skills in the sports component of the game.

This season, we have decided to involve a betting partner in the project. All participating teams are aware of this, and the cooperation format has been individually agreed upon with everyone. With the average age of 19 players in Season 3, it's important for us to explore new opportunities and work with companies that share our commitment to developing the youth esports scene and are committed to supporting a discipline-critical product.

Thank you for your understanding,

WePlay Esports team

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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