Founders of WePlay Holding and TECHIIA Holding join the #StandwithUkraine global initiative to support Ukraine. Visual: WePlay Holding

Founders of WePlay Holding and TECHIIA Holding join the #StandwithUkraine global initiative to support Ukraine

March 24, 2022
2022 3 min read

After first breaching Ukrainian borders on February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation continues its invasion of the sovereign European state. So founders of WePlay Holding and TECHIIA Holding, Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov, expand the support they provide to Ukraine and contribute to international movements. The NGO Techiia Foundation, part of TECHIIA Holding, launched a series of video speeches to Ukrainians by well-known personalities within the #StandwithUkraine global initiative. The statements are recorded at the WePlay Esports Arena L.A., turning it into a world-class communication platform for promoting Ukraine’s self-determination.

The full-scale war Russia has started upended millions of lives and destroyed numerous Ukrainian cities. To attract the world’s attention and inspire more people to help Ukraine, the NGO Techiia Foundation invites famous personalities to visit WePlay Esports’ arena in LA and record their video statements. Entrepreneurs, politicians, and other prominent figures express words of support and respect for the Ukrainians’ firmness as they defend their land and independence.

Olga Bulygina-Lazebnikova, chief diversity officer at the NGO Techiia Foundation, who leads the implementation of the project launched within #StandwithUkraine, shared the details in the video below and emphasized the importance of taking action during the Russia-Ukraine war.

Address by Olga Bulygina-Lazebnikova within the #StandwithUkraine initiative. Video: TECHIIA

Oleh Humeniuk, CEO of the WePlay Holding esports group that owns WePlay Esports Arena L.A., outlined the company’s position and commented on the role of the arena in this initiative.

"The Russian invasion of our country has united not only Ukrainians but the whole world. People share our pain and help by all possible and impossible means. WePlay Esports, whose history began in Ukraine, could not stand aside in such difficult times for our country. That is why we decided to use our esports arena in the United States to implement the #StandwithUkraine project launched by Oleg Krot and Yura Lazebnikov.

The WePlay Esports Arena L.A. is built in such a way that it can be easily adapted to create high-quality content in a range of formats. To advocate for our brave Ukrainian people, we dressed our esports arena in Los Angeles in blue and yellow. Today, it supports the independence of Ukraine",
says Oleh Humeniuk, CEO of WePlay Holding.

The first video statements have already been recorded, including addresses by entrepreneur Anna Sherman, Consul General of Belgium in Los Angeles Günther Sleeuwagen, Managing Partner at Wealth and Investment Management Hatem Dhiab, IT entrepreneur Andrei Komarovski, and TECHIIA Motorsports CEO Ivan Agapchev.

Please follow this link to know more about how to support Ukraine and not miss the new appeals of famous people as part of the #StandwithUkraine initiative.

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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