Fighting game hub DashFight celebrates its second anniversary! Image: DashFight

Fighting game hub DashFight celebrates second anniversary!

June 15, 2022
2022 3 min read

All-in-one fighting game hub DashFight, supported by the WePlay Holding esports media group, celebrates its anniversary on June 15, 2022. As the product, which consists of a web platform and Android and iOS applications, turns two, we wanted to honor it and show what we’ve done throughout these years.

Over the two years, DashFight has quite a bit to boast about: 


DashFight helps the fighting game community grow. Its main goal has always been to bring like-minded people together, help them keep up with what they care about, streamline the process of advancement as a player, and encourage growth in all aspects.

Furthermore, advertisers and sponsors are already actively looking at fighting games as an excellent place to promote their products and services. So DashFight, in turn, helps them understand the niche. Along with the fighting community, it sets the stage for even more effective investment and collaboration. 

Focusing on these points, DashFight has already become an irreplaceable FGC (fighting game community) member, boosting its development with unique content and creative initiatives.

“When we created DashFight, we were guided by the understanding and the prospects of the fighting game niche. The fact that this niche is in a stage of active growth, in which the top esports disciplines were in the early 2010s, had the most significant impact on decision-making.

But today, when we’re celebrating the incredible things we’ve achieved so far, our readers are and will always be at the top of our MVP list. You will always be worth more to us than all the new features, pieces of content, and event coverage.

Thanks for reading, thanks for interacting, thanks for your criticism, thanks for your suggestions, thanks for promotion, thanks for recommendations, thanks for voting — thank you for being you”
, shared Darina Briukhovetska, head of DashFight.

On the occasion of its birthday, DashFight has prepared many activities to celebrate the anniversary together with the community:

  1. Twitter campaign “FGC fight for.” Its goal is to collect statements from well-known influencers and players in the niche about their fights in real life and personal success stories. DashFight encourages the community to join and share experiences, and also discuss their paths with the community!
  2. A video interview with three popular players about the FGC niche and its development over the years will soon be available on DashFight’s YouTube channel!
  3. DashFight’s evolution. We have released a series of videos showing the evolution of heroes of different fighting games. We are developing and growing thanks to your support, feedback, and attitude towards our project like these characters:
    -Evolution of Raiden
    -Evolution of Ryu
    -Evolution of Heihachi Mishima
    -Evolution of Mario

So, in fighting games, after many formative years, DashFight is an integral attribute and forerunner of the rapid growth of an entire ecosystem. This project shows the hidden value, perspective, and demand in its niche.

The platform will launch new partnerships, collaborate with market leaders, release new disciplines and help the rising fighting game stars. And certainly, DashFight will continue to develop, reaching more and more goals, and supporting the industry and its players!

Stay tuned for more!

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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