European teams join the next season of Forge of Masters WePlay! League

European teams join the next season of Forge of Masters WePlay! League

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New season of the CS:GO league with the $100 000 prize pool will be held in autumn 2019 and culminated with a LAN final in WePlay! esports arena in Kyiv.

Forge of Masters league, having the purpose to give regional tier-2 and tier-3 teams an opportunity to grow out of the shadows of the top-tier teams, will resume very soon: the open qualifiers will start on September 14 and the grand-final will take place during the LAN-finals on November 17, 2019. The first season was targeted at teams from the CIS, so with the second season organizers decided to expand the pool of participants - now teams from Europe can try their strength fighting for a share of the prize pool and the championship of the league.  

League format 

Second season will welcome 24 teams - 12 from the CIS and 12 from Europe. The competition will have open qualifiers followed by the group stage. It will run online with three stages using Single Elimination system. 

During the first stage all teams will be split into six groups - three for each region. The teams taking first places in their corresponding groups will advance to the LAN-final of the second season. The squads placing second in the groups will go to the third stage of the online competition and the squads placing third - to the second stage. Based on the results of the second and third stages of the group stage, we will know the teams going to the LAN-final.  

8 teams will play in LAN-final and 2 GSL groups will be divided into four 4 teams with Single Elimination playoffs.

The second season dates 

First phase of the open qualifiers for Europe and the CIS will run on September 14 and 15, while the second phase - September 21 and 22, 2019. You will be able to enjoy live broadcast of the group stage matches starting October 01 to November 03, 2019:

First phase: October 01 — October 14, 2019 

Second phase: October 28 — October 29, 2019

Third phase: November 01 — November 03, 2019

The LAN-final of the second season of Forge of Masters WePlay! League will be held on November 15 to 17, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The exact location and detailed schedule will be announced later. 

Prize pool 

Total prize pool of the season season of Forge of Masters WePlay! League will be $100,000, and will be distributed among the finalists as follows: 

1st place: $50,000

2nd place: $20,000

3-4th places: $10,000

5-6th places: $3,000

7-8th places: $2,000

Once again, the main goal behind Forge of Masters WePlay! League is to give regional team an opportunity to grow in a healthy competitive environment by participating in regular tournaments. 

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