WePlay Studios is a top-notch production company that blends gaming, technology, and storytelling to create engaging and iconic content for viewers worldwide.

The company known as WePlay Esports over the past years was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2011 by Yura Lazebnikov and Oleg Krоt, and has dual headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and Kyiv, Ukraine.

In 2023, WePlay Esports announces the start of a branding renovation that will reflect the company’s values and its strategy to grow and expand in the entertainment industry. The first stage of rebranding involves changing the business name to WePlay Studios.

WePlay Studios is a content-driven production company that blends gaming, technologies, and storytelling to create unparalleled viewer experiences. WePlay Studios is known for developing, producing, and hosting memorable international esports tournaments and gaming shows that thrill players and fans alike. Studios, networks, brands, and agencies around the world turn to WePlay Studios for content development, production execution, and highly targeted brand integrations.

WePlay Studios was shortlisted for The Sports Emmy® Awards for 2022 for outstanding coverage of an esports event and a finalist of the 2021 Esports Awards for Creative Team of the Year, among many other awards. The team is proud to have developed, produced, hosted, and broadcast more than 25 esports tournaments, amassing nearly two million followers and 235 million views on Twitch.

In 2022 WePlay Studios has become an official production partner for One True King — the largest streamers’ network in the USA. Together, the companies are aiming to create engaging gaming shows.

In the summer of 2022, WePlay Studios also signed an agreement with Enthusiast Gaming, becoming their official broadcasting partner for NFL Tuesday Night Gaming — a weekly show where NFL stars and professional gamers compete in Fortnite, Rocket League, Fall Guys, and Madden.


Live Broadcasts

Live Broadcasts

  • Sports

  • Talk shows

  • Stage shows

  • Gaming and esports

Cinematography and Video Production

Cinematography and Video Production

  • Filming

  • Video editing and color correction

  • Sound design

  • Gameplay montage editing

Broadcast Graphic Design

Broadcast Graphic Design

  • Art direction

  • Brand identity

  • Animated brand assets

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics

  • CGI and 3D motion

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • 2D motion design

  • 3D product modeling and renders

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

  • Titles and charts

  • Set extension

  • AR shows

Stage Design and Scenery Production

Stage Design and Scenery Production

  • Studio design

  • Stage design

  • Prop construction


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