DashFight is an all-in-one fighting game online media hub that creates high-quality content and delivers a smooth experience while following events and competing in fighting games.

DashFight’s Big Hairy Ambitious Goal / Mission is to empower the community, popularize fighting games, offer their fans a unique experience, and support them in becoming grandmasters.

The vision of DashFight is to develop and inspire the worldwide fighting game community in order to bridge the gap between esports and traditional sports.

Technically, DashFight consists of a web platform, mobile applications (Android and iOS), social media, and a YouTube channel.

Getting good at fighting games takes time, loads of time. Apart from practising combos, there is another “time-eater” — searching for the right info spread all over Discords, Reddits, and old-school websites. To save gamers’ nerves and tears, and support their fun and joy, in 2020, we created DashFight.

DashFight has turned two years already: its first MVP version was released on 14 June 2020.




events available on its platform. We massively expanded the network of gaming influencers.


unique materials published by our editorial team.

3 min+

our editorial keep our users’s attentions for more than three minutes of their session duration on DashFight.


subscribers have DashFight social media , and the social media monthly reach is five million.


subscribers and two million video views on our Youtube channel. It is one of the greatest products we are proud.


DashFight platform and apps

The DashFight platform and its apps represent FGC-oriented products containing lots of useful and unique information on various fighting game aspects, including guides, news, announcements, interviews, tournament recaps, highlights, VoDs, standings, and brackets. It’s a place where all community members can always find complete and detailed FGC-related information.

Pro players will find game analytics, a complete character library, and detailed guides to improve their skills, knowledge, and experience. Pro players also have an opportunity to share their expertise with their fans and help casual players do better in the community or in local tournaments.

The visitors of the DashFight website get an easy way to follow the most important events, rewatch hype moments, and enjoy the best matches.


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