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There’s a lot to be said about the Genshin Impact phenomenon that caused a stir in the gaming world. The game mechanics, style, and marketing have captivated many fans. But one of the most invaluable elements is the lore of the game itself.

The whole world of Teyvat looks really limitless with a huge number of characters, skills, actions, and so on. It seemed impossible to keep all this knowledge in one’s head, but there are enthusiasts who have become imbued with the world of the game. It is primarily for that type of fans that the major Genshin Impact U.S. quiz show — One True Genshinologist — was created. WePlay Esports served as a production partner and would like to share this incredible experience.

One True Genshinologist is a quiz game where US college students and graduates together with Genshin Impact influencers compete in answering tricky questions about in-game artifacts, history, and characters.

Immersive Experience: bringing the magic of Genshin Impact to viewers

However, this show isn’t your everyday trivia show — it is a creation of a new broadcasting era. And this idea is manifested in every detail, starting with the stage design. So what’s unique about it? As a matter of fact, the stage wasn’t the main focus — WePlay Esports stuck to minimalism. All there was are four desks with library-style lamps and chairs. No statues, structures, or other impressive props were used.

The true power of this show lied in the use of AR and XR. Using top-notch technology, WePlay Esports immersed viewers into the illusion of a magic library. The participants were sitting amid loaded shelves and flying books, but it was all just a virtual image, not physical sets. The library theme symbolizes several things at once: the game — Genshin Impact — itself and the power of knowledge.

Also, with the help of AR, specialists placed in-game characters right on the stage. The characters styled as anime heroes made you feel that the show was just a spin-off of your favorite game. The team recreated the key elements and worked out every detail of the characters’ appearance to convey the atmosphere of the game. From the color of the eyes to the smallest accessory, the team made the characters according to the originals from Genshin Impact. This is a rather complex and time-consuming process in terms of ensuring good performance and visualization. It was an immersive experience that captured viewers’ minds and mesmerized them, basically making them feel like part of the magic.

The WePlay Esports Arena Los Angeles that hosted the One True Genshinologist event is one of the factors that helped achieve such a high level of immersion. LED panels cover all surfaces of the stage, which enables quick preparation for the event. The stage can be easily modified and transformed in a matter of days, allowing for seamless preparation for the next event.

Game-Inspired Design Elements

Of course, catering to the Genshin Impact fan base, WePlay Esports used the color that held association with the game. Rich purple became the main color that underscored the desire to get and share knowledge. Plus, for creating the main element, the team would draw inspiration from in-game artifacts. For example, the logo of the show reassembles the in-game artifact Eye of God. According to the game, this artifact is given to those who are recognized by the gods and raises their chances to get to Celestia, the residence of the gods.

For fans of magic, wonders, and immersive experience, WePlay Esports is already preparing new projects. Stay tuned to be the first to know about the next big thing on our agenda.