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Producing an online show is quite an expensive process. Cameras, renting a location, lots of equipment, and many other expenses add up to an immense cost. Therefore, it’s natural that any company that decides to organize a show and invest its funds wants to be sure it’s a success. So here are a few questions you should ask yourself to see if you are ready to throw your online show.

What’s the purpose of the live event?

Event production should be part of the brand’s strategy, not a standalone element without specific purposes. Sounds logical, but in its quest for something new, a company can forget to ask the question: “Do we really need it?”

An event can help you extend the list of prospects, establish a more durable relationship with regulars, tell about your new product, or produce a positive social impact. Based on the answer, you can put in place KPIs and evaluate the metrics of your event.

Who’ll join your event?

By conducting research now and then and analyzing its persona, a brand gets to know customers better. However, the brand’s audience does not equal the target audience of your event. Simply put, think about your event’s audience first before proceeding to content production. It is important to understand not only the age and gender of your viewers but also their hobbies, habits, and so on. A thorough analysis will facilitate the creation of a well-rounded event that will capture attention.

What do you want your viewer to do?

Strong business relationships are always mutually beneficial. In the case of an event, you offer viewers content they can enjoy, and the brand gets something in return. For example, if you organize a paid event, then the first and most obvious bonus point is money. If your event is free, the benefits for you can vary. You can expand your customer base for further marketing strategies, promote your new product, or stir up interest in the next shows, tournaments, and so on, which will directly bring you profit. However, to achieve results, you need your viewers on the same wavelength. Remind them to subscribe to your social media if you want to keep in touch with them, leave active links where you present more information about your product, and so on. Call viewers to action if you want to see something come out of it.

What do people get from your live event?

Opportunities to provide unique content are plenty: a long-awaited interview with a legendary figure in your industry, promo codes, you name it. There is so much content out there right now, and access to it has never been easier, so to find their audience, businesses really need to go the extra mile. As mentioned earlier, event production is a costly process, so if you decide to go for it, make sure that your content is truly unique, useful, and created specifically for your viewer.

Do you have a trusted partner to set up the show?

One of the most underrated steps in any process is delegation. Most likely, no one knows your brand’s audience better than you, and it’s logical to assume that only you can provide the content they expect. However, content creation is a large-scale process that is best delegated to professionals who have experience specifically in this area. As a content production company, WePlay Studios works with many contractors and understands perfectly well that sometimes, supervised outsourcing brings a much better result than hands-on work. So, to produce an event, you need proven contractors and partners with whom you will find common ground and have a similar outlook.

Live events are a popular tool available to any business. In general, you can create your own show for any budget by varying the scale. However, as with any other tool, you need to understand what results you want to achieve in order to use this instrument correctly. If you have already set specific goals, an experienced content production company will help you with everything else.