Esports Entrepreneur. Image: WePlay Holding

Esports Entrepreneur: opportunities in the esports industry

Aug. 8, 2021
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All across the business market, there are always opportunities for fresh entrepreneurs to find their place. That's even more true for the esports industry, a relatively new venture with so many opportunities. In general, the esports scene is growing exponentially, and any knowledgeable entrepreneurs would be wise to get involved (as long as they have a good idea, of course).

So, let's talk about some spaces in the esports industry where an entrepreneur could find a good job for themselves.

Opportunities in the Esports Industry

It'd be impossible to cover every opportunity in the esports world, but let's try to cover some of the most notable openings. These are places where esports needs bright, innovative new creators and businesspeople.

Esports Organization

The crux of esports is the teams and players that compete in the tournaments. A growing trend in the industry is the esports organization, generally built by managers, coaches, data analysts, and marketing people to create the most marketable and talented team in any given esport. If you can find some talent in a growing game, the scene is always open for more esports orgs. Clearly, with more and more brands sponsoring esports teams, the regular business world is also hungry for more orgs to support.

And never forget, no one expects you to become the new Team Liquid straight out the gate. Start small and then grow big, and maybe one day you could top those esports organization charts.


Streaming Platform Creator

Currently, Twitch practically monopolizes the esports tournament streaming market. While the event-runners and game publishers tend to have in-house streaming pages, they tend to pale in comparison to Twitch's numbers.

However, Twitch is for all esports, video games, and creative streaming. There is a serious hole in the market for an esports-focused streaming service. A clever entrepreneur with the right connections could create the Netflix of esports, offering a space for all significant events and bonus material. For example, fans are all about Pro View options for games like League of Legends and will pay top dollar for it, so it's clear the fans are hungry to see more from their favorite players. Capitalize on that.



As any business/industry grows, the need for effective and knowledgeable PR/marketing becomes absolutely vital. For example, esports seems to be running into problems with young, unmanaged players, so they don't always act in the team's best interest or image. It's simple: the better a team manages that kind of thing, the more supporters and brand deals they can acquire.

And that's where your marketing expertise comes in.

So, if you're a social media whiz who knows a lot about esports culture and has many ideas on esports marketing, this might be the perfect niche to build your own esports marketing firm.


Esport Game Developer

There are thousands of people creating their dream video games and trying to turn them into hits. The market can seem saturated at the moment, with how many video games are out there.

However, creating a game made for esports is still a very lucrative opportunity with the right entrepreneur. It can be a computer, console, or even mobile game; the options are open wide. As long as you get a clear concept and audience in mind, competitive video games can be game-changing for a gaming company. Look at Riot Games: they focused solely on League of Legends at first. Now that they're wildly successful, they can work on creating a wide variety of content and video games that flex their creative muscles.


Esports Event Organizer

As esports events become more common again, experienced and responsible event planners will be necessary. Someone needs to ensure that proper facilities get rented, tickets market properly, and the tournaments run well. It's far too easy for crowd chaos, and all the technical aspects of esports don't go haywire. There's always room for more people in this line of work, and it's an easy place to start small and then work to larger jobs. Even for someone with no experience, events always need volunteers, and volunteers could become hourly workers, and so on and so forth. For very young entrepreneurs interested in this, but not too sure of themselves yet, esports events are a wealth of opportunity.


Betting Sites

Just like in traditional sports, esports betting has become a craze during their tournament seasons, too. Unfortunately, esports betting sites have had an uncomfortable history because there has been unethical exploitation of stream fans and encouraging children to join in on the system.

However, legal betting has a serious market and, as long as you protect your site from trouble, it can be a lucrative move into the market.


Esports Technology

In the digital age, technology is constantly evolving. If you have ideas on how to push esports forwards with better hardware (Examples: More reactive mouse, sharper audio sound, new console progress), you could be the CEO of an esports tech company. If you make a solid product, you can also become integral to the forward motion of the esports world. Having the expertise in that field (IE sound technology) is a tad invaluable, though, so make sure to focus on something you're good at and pitch to investors/other esports businesses.


Video Game Streamer

You can't talk about opportunities in the esports industry without talking about streamers. This is the most "one-man show" subsect of this world, but it can be worthwhile for people with the personality, skills, and persistence to maintain it. If you want complete control of your project and possibly make a fair bit of money, And if you so choose, you can grow it into something bigger. Many streamers have merch, and some even create video games or get involved in TV shows or movies. Being an entrepreneur in video game streaming is probably one of the least risk-averse beginnings you can have as an entrepreneur. After all, for $200-$1000, almost anyone can have a decent streaming setup. Many other entrepreneur opportunities need a lot more capital.



If you are in a rare position where you have a lot of spare cash, becoming an esports investor can be a great business opportunity. Play your cards right, and you could earn quite a lot of money. After all, NewZoo projects the industry will take home $1 billion in revenues this year. However, it can come with a lot of risks because instead of relying on your own creativity and persistence, you depend on the consistency of someone else's. So, be wary.