WePlay Esports will be a partner of a New Year’s show at the VDNG. Image: WePlay Holding

WePlay Esports will be a partner of a New Year show at VDNG

Nov. 17, 2021
2021 3 min read

“Cyber Santa. Another Dimension” is a show from the creators of “Winterra” and “Dream Guardians.” Performances will be held from December 11 to January 9 in the VDNG Concert Hall.

WePlay Esports, the flagship company of the WePlay Holding corporate group, will set up an interactive zone as part of the “Cyber Santa. Another Realm” show, where everyone will be introduced to the esports world after the show ends.  

A themed photo op and display stands will be set up at the location, and WePlay Esports will hold a giveaway. While interacting with the exhibits, the attendees of the New Year’s show will be able to dive into the fascinating world of esports and get acquainted with its history. 

“The WePlay Esports team knows exactly what showmanship and scale are. Working together with the StageShow Company, we tried to create a different reality and preserve the New Year magic that energizes and uplifts the holiday mood. And of course, we haven’t forgotten about esports. I’m sure that the WePlay Esports zone will help every attendee of the show to feel like they are part of the esports world!” shares Oleh Humeniuk, WePlay Holding CEO.

Computer game and sci-fi fans will be able to take part in the theatrical performance. There will be no usual audience hall and seating at the event. Instead, viewers will be able to move between the three stages and take part in the show themselves. The plot centers on the story of a boy who helps Santa get out of cyberspace and get ready for the holiday. The best comedy actors and dancers will take part in the production. The event will culminate in the “Antigravity.show,” which will be held in Ukraine for the first time onstage at the VDNG Concert Hall (Pavilion 9).

“We have created not just a New Year-themed event, but a multidimensional show that takes your breath away. To add vibrancy to our event, we have tapped the esports expertise of the WePlay Esports team and combined it with our many years of experience. StageShowCompany holds holiday-themed performances every year. And when our viewers think that they can’t be more surprised, we raise the bar even higher,” says Natalia Gonchar, StageShow Company CEO.

The “Cyber Santa. Another Dimension” show is being staged by creative directors Konstantin Tomilchenko and Aleksandr Bratkovsky. Famous performers Potap and Dyadya Vadya will take part in creating the soundtrack.  

The performances will be held in compliance with all pandemic-related restrictions. Carrying one of the following documents is a prerequisite for attending the show:

  • vaccination certificate (electronic or printed)
  • the 063/o form (preventive vaccination card)
  • certificate of recovery from COVID-19
  • negative PCR test result (done no later than 48 hours before attending the event)
  • a negative rapid antigen detection test (done no later than 48 hours before attending the event)

Tickets can be purchased at the link.

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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