WePlay Esports is a winner of the X-Ray Marketing Awards

WePlay Esports is a winner of the X-RAY Marketing Awards in the Online Event of the Year category

March 12, 2021
2021 3 min read

The first tournament of the media holding company in fighting game title Mortal Kombat 11, WePlay Dragon Temple is named the brightest online event of 2020.

Companies whose events were able to capture the audience with an original approach to their organization under the pandemic restrictions competed in the Online Event of the Year category.

Esports media holding company WePlay Esports shares the top spot in the Online Event of the Year category with a case by RGC and FILM.UA. Participants also included Jazz on the Dnieper, Eldorado, Intertop, WOG, Parimatch Tech, Visa Cashless Forum, MEGOGO LIVE & Atlas Weekend, DTEK, Sportbank Dream Running Series Online.

In 2020, rapid adaptation and flexibility were the only way to minimize the negative impact of the pandemic and succeed.

“WePlay Dragon Temple was special for us in many ways, so we are twice as happy that it was with this event that we won Online Event of the Year. For this project, we have used our best qualities — speed and flexibility — without forgetting creativity: we used stunt performers, augmented reality, and a collaboration with Oleksandr Usyk under the newly launched WePlay Ultimate Fighting League was announced. We would like to thank all those who voted for us, and the organizers and the jury of the X-Ray Marketing Awards for their high appreciation of our work. We promise that we will continue to surprise our audience with more cool events in 2021,” says Alena Dalskaya-Latosiewicz, chief communications officer at WePlay Esports.

Instability should not be an obstacle to growth and creativity. This view is supported by Katerina Mashevskaya, Head of Project at mmr.ua, who notes that esports is becoming an increasingly attractive platform for brands to communicate with their audience.

“Today, the esports industry is the most trending topic and the fastest-growing field of entertainment. So, the organizing committee of the X-RAY Marketing Awards could not help but reward the WePlay Esports case. Creating high-quality, top-rated world-class online events is worthy of victory. It is esports tournaments that will become a popular promotion platform for various brands’ products and services. And WePlay Esports’ experience is a case in point,” notes Katerina Mashevskaya, Head of Project at mmr.ua.

The WePlay Esports team take pride in this victory and appreciate the organizers’ efforts in holding the competition. They are determined to continue surprising the audience — whatever the world throws at us.

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