WePlay Esports and UESF will hold national qualifiers for international student championship

WePlay Esports and UESF will hold national qualifiers for international student championship

May 27, 2021
2021 3 min read

Qualifiers in esports titles League of Legends and Clash Royale will take place as part of the University Esports Masters (UEM) 2021 tournament.

The organizers, namely the Ukrainian Esports Federation (UESF) and esports media holding company WePlay Esports, will combine their expertise to conduct national qualifiers at the highest level.

More than 900 higher education institutions from 16 countries will take part in University Esports Masters. Teams from 14 countries, including Ukraine, will compete in the tournament in 2021.


“We are pleased to be involved in the national qualifiers, which will determine the teams to represent Ukraine on the international esports scene. Such events contribute to the development of esports in Ukraine, and it is especially gratifying that they encourage young athletes. It helps in promoting esports at the student level,” said Oleksii Nogin, head of tournament operations of WePlay Esports.

National qualifiers for UEM 2021 will start at 12 p.m., June 5, 2021, on the Ukrainian online platform GG.ua.

To participate in the qualifications, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. All players on the team must be students of the same university (one university can be represented by more than one team).
  2. Team players must not be subject to game bans.

You can register for the qualifiers until 11 a.m. on June 3, 2021. Links for registration in disciplines:

“In 2020, thanks to the arrangements made by the Federation, a team of students from Ukraine took part in the annual international student tournament University Esports Masters for the first time. Students of the National Aviation University have shown themselves to be quite capable in the group stage of the competition! We are glad that our teams have the opportunity to promote our country’s image at such competitions and gain invaluable experience of international communication.

This year, our partners from WePlay Esports are helping us conduct national qualifiers, and we are confident that the Ukrainian team will win one of the top places in the tournament”
, said Eduard Anokhin, chief operating officer of UESF.

The winning teams of the national qualifiers held by WePlay Esports and UESF will represent Ukraine at University Esports Masters 2021 and compete for prize pools of €15,000 in the League of Legends competition and €4,500 in the Clash Royale competition.

You can follow the University Esports Masters 2021 updates on the organizers’ Twitter at the link.

Source: WePlay Esports Press Office

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