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The Group Stage is well underway

Following yesterday’s Poket Klash which served as a sample of things to come, WePlay Dragon Temple's main event kicked off today with day one of the Group Stage.

The day’s series of matches focused on Group MORTAL (A), consisting of 21 best-of-3 rounds. Topping the group is A Foxy Grampa with 6 points, followed by Konqueror with 5 and Avirk with 4. The final Group MORTAL seed is Hayatei who managed to secure 3 points. All four players advance to the Playoffs while the remaining Group MORTAL’s players have been eliminated. 

Photo Tour

Image credits: WePlay Esports. More WePlay Dragon Temple photos are available here.

Tomorrow Group KOMBAT will begin its matches to determine who will be joining Group MORTAL’s four to complete the Playoffs lineup.

Group Kombat

  • Tekken Master
  • DizzyTT
  • GRR
  • Dubasik
  • 2EZ
  • Infinitii
  • MK_Azerbaijan

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