WePlay Academy League Season 1 initial results. Image: WePlay Holding

WePlay Academy League Season 1: Initial Results and Photo Tour

July 20, 2021
2021 2 min read

The first season of the new CS:GO league for young esports players, WePlay Academy League, already kicked off on July 19. The tournament began with an online round-robin Group Stage, where the teams will meet each other twice.

Results of the first game day:

  • VP.Prodigy 14 : 16 Young Ninjas
  • NAVI Junior 6 : 16 BIG. OMEN Academy
  • Astralis Talent 10 : 16 FURIA Academy
  • mouz NXT 16 : 15 Fnatic Rising

Results of the second game day:

  • FURIA Academy 16 : 12 mouz NXT
  • Fnatic Rising 16 : 15 VP.Prodigy
  • BIG. OMEN Academy 16 : 11 Astralis Talent
  • Young Ninjas 11 : 16 NAVI Junior

WePlay Academy League photo tour:


More photos from WePlay Academy League are available here. In case you wish to use them, please credit WePlay Holding.

The WePlay Academy League is a league for young esports players aged between 16 and 20, launched in partnership with leading CS:GO organizations. The first season of the league will run till August 30, 2021.

Watch the official English-language broadcast on Twitch and our Smart TV App. The official Russian-language broadcast is available on the Twitch channel.

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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