WePlay Academy League Season 1 Gauntlet Stage results. Image: WePlay Holding

WePlay Academy League Season 1 Gauntlet Stage Results

Aug. 8, 2021
2021 1 min read

Team Fnatic Rising has advanced to the Playoffs, leaving three other teams behind.

On August 7, the two-day Gauntlet Stage of the WePlay Academy League Season 1 kicked off, and we already know its final results. Team Fnatic Rising takes the last vacant slot in the Playoffs, and VP.Prodigy, Astralis Talent, and NAVI Junior are leaving the competition. The double-elimination playoffs will take place offline, at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv on August 27–29.

WePlay Academy League Season 1 Playoff participants:

  • mouz NXT
  • Young Ninjas
  • BIG. OMEN Academy
  • Fnatic Rising

The WePlay Academy League is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament for esports players aged between 16 and 20. The league is launched in partnership with leading world CS:GO organizations. The total prize pool of Season 1 is $100,000.

Watch the official English-language broadcast on Twitch and our Smart TV App. The official Russian-language broadcast is available on the Twitch channel.

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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