Trophy NFT for the runner-up team of the WePlay Academy League Season 2, NAVI Junior. Image: WePlay Holding

NAVI Junior received the Runner-up Award by WePlay Collectibles

Nov. 26, 2021
2021 2 min read

NAVI Junior received half of all token sales and the Trophy NFT from the WePlay Collectibles NFT project. It was the Runner-up Award for taking second place in the finals of the WePlay Academy League Season 2.

WePlay Esports held the finals of the WePlay Academy League Season 2 on November 14. The Grand Final saw a competition between mouz NXT and NAVI Junior.

For two weeks in the lead-up to and during the WePlay Academy League Season 2 offline part, WePlay Collectibles has been auctioning the “Shooter: from A to Z” NFT collection. There were 26 tokens put up for sale representing words and phrases associated with popular first-person shooter games. The collection was sold out and grossed 1 ETH.

Besides gaining unique digital items, auction participants supported the youth esports scene and the runner-up team of the WePlay Academy League Season 2 in particular. Half of all token sales went as the Runner-up Award to NAVI Junior to encourage up-and-coming players early in their esports careers.

While the crowning of a single winner is a fundamental pillar of fair and competitive esports, WePlay Collectibles has decided to shake the game up a bit and awarded the runner-up team for the first time in esports history. Instead of the ordinary medals and trophies, NAVI Junior received digital non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency funds. Today, WePlay Collectibles is proud to give the virtual award to the team.

“WePlay Collectibles is a project that brings together two digital-native industries. We’re delighted that our efforts have paid off, and that we’ve managed to connect esports and the NFT market.
The whole collection was sold out, and part of the sales, as promised, was awarded to the team that took second place in the WePlay Academy League Season 2,” says Alena Dalskaya-Latosiewicz, chief communications officer at WePlay Holding and project lead at WePlay Collectibles.

There are no ups without downs, but at least the first setback was mitigated by the WePlay Collectibles Runner-up Award.

The Playoff Stage of the WePlay Academy League Season 2 took place offline at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. Eight leading CS:GO organizations participated in the tournament with a prize pool of $100,000.

Source: WePlay Holding Press Office

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