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Eight teams from the CIS region will compete for the cup of the first season.

Forge of Masters. WePlay! League is a tournament for CIS teams that want to break out of the regional competition. The inaugural season will culminate with grandiose LAN-finals featuring the strongest competitors from the season.

The participants of the first season will be 8 teams:

🔹AVANGAR — used to hold the youngest professional players on the planet. It occupies 13th place in the HLTV rating and has been very close to acquiring the status of Legends in a Major. 

🔹DreamEaters — young and ambitious team with decent results in the online tournaments, but limited experience on the big stage.

🔹HellRaisers — internationally recognized professional team led by Ange1. The organization recruited young and talented players and now is seeking for stable results. 

🔹Nemiga Esports — the gatekeepers of the regional minors. These players from Belarus are just a couple of steps away from a huge break.

🔹pro100 — the esports legend Zeus revived the clan tag to help the young and hungry to show themselves. The team is led by another Counter-Strike celebrity — ceh9.

🔹Team Spirit — this team makes a lot of effort to break to the Major events. They are just a couple steps away from the goal to become strong enough to compete with the world titans.

🔹Vega Squadron — the “sharks” have proved their prowess long ago, and now they are working very hard to find themselves among the elites. 

🔹Winstrike Team — the team rebooted after a failed attempt to climb the CS:GO Olympus. Now they need to catch back up and become a regular participant of the Majors.

Each player in the tournament will need to push himself to the limit if they want to prove anything. Forge of Masters is the ultimate boot camp that allows teams to put their skills to the test.

The official English caster for Forge of Masters. WePlay! League is Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne. Tune in to the English cast of Forge of Masters. WePlay! League on this page.   

You’ll see the first matches between the teams on Monday, April 8.

Parimatch has become the official betting partner for Forge of Masters. WePlay! League.

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