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The second season of WePlay! CS:GO league kicks off on October 1, 2019 with ESPADA vs. pro100 match.


In the group stage of Forge of Masters WePlay! League the CIS-region will be represented by the teams that have received direct invites previously — NAVI Junior, forZe, DreamEaters, ESPADA, Winstrike Team, Nemiga Gaming, pro100, Gambit Youngsters, Syman Gaming — and the winners of Open Qualifiers — Dracarys and Unique Team. 

The European Region will be represented by Vainox Gaming from Germany and Copenhagen Flames from Denmark (by Open Qualifiers), and Tricked Esport, SMASH Esports, Aristocracy, Sprout, Team Heretics, ex-Epsilon Esports, GamerLegion, Virtus.pro, Illuminar Gaming and Windigo Gaming (Windigo Gaming team will replace the previously announced BIG team), invited straight to the group stage.


The group stage will run online with three stages. During the first stage all teams will be split into six groups — three for each region, playing bo3 matches in GSL format.

The teams taking first places in their corresponding groups will advance to the LAN-final of the second season. The squads placing second in the groups will go to the third stage of the online competition and the squads placing third - to the second stage. Based on the results of the second and third stages of the group stage, we will know the teams going to the LAN-final.  

Schedule of the 1st Stage

🔵 Group A (October 01-04, 2019)

  • CIS: ForZe, ESPADA, Team Unique, pro100
  • Europe: Windigo Gaming, Copenhagen Flames, GamerLegion, Vainox Gaming

► October 01 (CEST)

14:00 — ESPADA vs pro100

17:00 — Team Unique vs forZe

20:00 — Windigo Gaming vs Vainox Gaming

► October 02 (CEST)

14:00 — Copenhagen Flames vs Gamer Legion

17:00 — Espada vs Team Unique 

20:00 — pro100 vs forZe

► October 03 (CEST)

14:00 — Copenhagen Flames vs Vainox Gaming

17:00 — GamerLegion vs Windigo Gaming

► October 04 (CEST)

14:00 — Team Unique vs pro100

🔵 Group B (October 04-07, 2019)

  • CIS: Gambit Youngsters, Syman Gaming, Dracarys, DreamEaters
  • Europe: Aristocracy, Tricked Esport, ex-Epsilon Esports, Sprout

► October 04 (CEST)

17:00 — Gambit Youngsters vs DreamEaters

20:00 — Nemiga Gaming vs Dracarys

► October 05 (CEST)

14:00 — Tricked Esport vs Aristocracy

17:00 — ex-Epsilon Esports vs Sprout

20:00 — Winners' match in CIS

► October 06 (CEST)

14:00 — Loosers' match in CIS 

17:00 — Loosers' match in Europe

20:00 —  Winners' match in Europe

► October 07 (CEST)

14:00 — Second place match in CIS

17:00 — Second place match in Europe

🔵 Group C (October 07-13, 2019)

  • CIS: HellRaisers, Winstrike Team, NAVI Junior, Nemiga Gaming
  • Europe: Virtus.pro, SMASH Esports, Illuminar Gaming, Team Heretics

► October 07 (CEST)

20:00 — Winstrike Team vs NAVI Junior

► October 11 (CEST)

14:00 — HellRaisers vs Nemiga Gaming

17:00 — Illuminar vs Team Heretics

20:00 — Virtus.pro vs SMASH Esports

► October 12 (CEST)

14:00 — Winners' match in Europe

17:00 —  Winners' match in CIS

20:00 — Loosers' match in CIS

► October 13 (CEST)

14:00 — Loosers' match in Europe

17:00 — Second place match in Europe

20:00 — Second place match in CIS

Once again, the main goal behind Forge of Masters WePlay! League is to give regional team an opportunity to grow in a healthy competitive environment by participating in regular tournaments. Total prize pool of the season season of Forge of Masters WePlay! League is $100,000.

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