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So, you have decided to virtualize your event or livestream it, and you are looking for a production company that can help. However, the topic of livestream services is so vast that it becomes unclear what to look for — a content production company, a video production studio, an event organizer, or a livestream production company. All of these seem synonymous but differ from one another. So, let’s figure it out.

What is a livestream service?

“Livestreaming service” means several things at once. First, it may be another name for a streaming platform. There are video streaming platforms such as Hulu or Netflix, which broadcast over the internet, similar to traditional television. There are livestreaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch that broadcast live content. Essentially, the best livestreaming platforms include services for compressing, encoding, and decoding video in real time in order to transmit it to millions of devices.

Also, “livestreaming service” may mean computer software to create a high-quality stream. Such tools allow you to personalize the broadcast and customize widgets, distribute content to several platforms at once, and protect it in case of a failure of the platform itself, for example.

Finally, “livestream services” also means the assistance a production company can provide in creating livestreamed events. A livestream production company uses all the platforms and tools mentioned above — but in addition to this, they become a strategic partner of your event. The production company is responsible for production equipment, contractor selection, and technical aspects such as cameras, sound, and lighting.

Which livestream service is right for you?

Which livestream service is right for you? Credit: WePlay Holding

Which livestream service is right for you? Credit: WePlay Holding

It depends on what exactly you want to create. If your goal is to simply make a live broadcast where you communicate with followers and so on, then a streaming platform will do. All you need is a camera, a microphone, and a quiet place that looks more or less suitable. Which streaming platform is best for you depends on which service your audience uses most. The popular platforms, for the most part, are free and easily accessible.

If you are a content creator and you need a wider range of tools to stream, for example, to connect more cameras, then you need additional livestreaming software, which has both paid and free versions. It will still take you some time to understand the interface and functionality of the tool of your choice. Each one has its unique features, and you need to compare at least a couple to find yours.

If you are thinking about something more global than your average livestream, for example, virtual events, YouTube shows, live events, and so on, you need more than the basic toolkit. A livestreaming production company will help you bring your idea to life by taking on all the additional challenges, chat moderation, livestream technical support, and so on. The price for these services is not fixed — everything depends on the client’s request. You can read more about a production company’s capabilities here.

What types of events can be made into a livestream?

A couple of use cases where a livestream production company can help — a lot.

Online entertainment show

The entertainment industry is feeling right at home in the digital world, which makes many brands try to use online shows to increase brand awareness and attract audiences. In addition, livestreams are more engaging and fun compared to pre-recorded content as they provide an instant interaction opportunity.

Award ceremony

An award ceremony is an excellent opportunity to hold a livestream. Usually, these are colorful and pompous shows with an element of intrigue that arouses quite a lot of interest. Professional production services will help transmit the event’s atmosphere, ensuring that the video and sound quality is equal to that experienced in person.

Panel discussions, expos, and other events

The emergence and development of digital tools, including event livestreaming services, has enabled many brands to reach a live audience in every corner of the earth. Online conferences and other corporate events got widespread acceptance during the pandemic and remain popular today. For example, companies organize hybrid events where some spectators and speakers are physically present, and some connect online — all without returning to 100% face-to-face meetings.

What does a livestream production company do?

If you don’t know where to start, start by looking for a video production company that will have an answer to most of your questions. A professional production team makes a livestream feel simple and straightforward. Your partner will help with the technicalities of creating and distributing your content and lend their expertise to giving the right shape to your idea.

Livestream production process

Livestream production process. Credit: WePlay Holding

Livestream production process. Credit: WePlay Holding

In a nutshell, content creation occurs in three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Not all events need all three: for example, post-production, which involves creating highlights, video clips, etc., to leave a lasting impact, is not always in demand. However, the steps are approximately the same for every virtual event:

  1. Strategy. You and the production team discuss ideas, approve the concept, agree on the script, choose a location, and so on.
  2. Preparation. Here, the team moves from theory to practice, preparing content and graphic packs for the event and rehearsing.
  3. Setup. The production team prepares the location and connects the equipment. Often, to check the technical side of the idea, they start setting up the filming location simultaneously with preparation.
  4. Testing. Before the actual event, specialists need to ensure once again (or maybe more than once) that everything is working as it should.
  5. Livestreaming. Only having completed all the previous steps, the team launches the livestream and provides support. This is the most stressful stage — no matter how meticulously they check every detail before the event, there is always the risk of a problem arising. A professional team always has a plan B, which they can implement without the viewer noticing a thing.
  6. Results and analysis. Although this step is not an obvious part of livestream creation, it is very important to assess all the investment of effort and resources. Without it, the company cannot be sure whether it has achieved the goals it set for the livestream.

Livestream services can be tailored to suit a variety of specific needs. There are platforms and software for content creators — and production companies for a comprehensive strategy. Whether this is your first live event or not, a production team is a surefire way to create a virtual event that meets your goals. Leveraging the production company’s expertise, you will catch the attention of your live audience and build a bond with your fans. Before and during livestreams, the production team becomes more than just a technical necessity; it is a reliable partner who knows how to make your idea take shape and deliver it to the audience.