WePlay Esports invests in Organization.GG: How will both companies benefit from it?

WePlay Esports invests in Organization.GG: How will both companies benefit from it?

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WePlay Esports invests in a platform for shared Online Experiences, Organization.GG.

WePlay Esports made its first investment: Organization.GG, a startup providing a platform that brings together professional gamers and streamers with their fans, is now the holding’s partner.

The platform feeds two birds with one seed. First, it allows esports players and streamers to earn a sustainable income by doing what they love and are good at. Second, Organization.GG lets fans interact with their favorite streamers or pro gamers: play with them in one team, take one-on-one lessons to master their gaming skills, get personal greetings, etc. These activities are called Online Experiences.


Possibilities for streamers and pro gamers in brief. Image credit: Organization.GG

The first Online Experience with which the platform will enter the market is called Wolf Pack Challenge. It will allow streamers to compete against others in CS:GO matches playing in teams alongside their fans. The match prize pool is made up of fans’ donations and divided between the streamers. The money can also be used for charity.

The solution is intended to support various games (CS:GO, Dota 2, Apex Legends, etc.). Its interface is designed with mobile users in mind. 

The WePlay Esports press office announced the investment in late September. We talked with Managing Partner of WePlay Esports Oleg Krot and CEO of Organization.GG Dima Okhrimchuk to find out more about the platform as well as how both entities expect to benefit from the investment and cooperate.

Managing Partner of WePlay Esports Oleg Krot

What goal did the media holding company have when investing in Organization.GG?

The platform will complement the product ecosystem that we are developing to increase the variety and number of mutually beneficial interactions between the audience and WePlay Esports. Fans want to keep in touch and have fun with their favorite streamers and pro gamers all the time without waiting for a new tournament to start. So, Organization.GG makes the esports community members’ wishes come true, filling the time between tournaments with great activities.

Does the platform have competitive advantages that influenced your decision?

Organization.GG doesn’t focus on just one activity, unlike its competitors. The functionality will include coaching, matches, or custom entertainments and requests. Streamers get access to automated infrastructure like scheduling, game servers, statistics, support, and payments. On the other side, supporters can choose how to engage with streamers or players they admire.

Both WePlay Esports and Organization.GG are about bringing the best experiences to the audience via products and services that we create, and that’s what unites us.

Will you consider investing in other projects in the future?

Yes, definitely. We’ll be searching for gaming and entertainment businesses whose products or services meet the needs of the esports community, as well as our current and potential partners.

CEO of Organization.GG Dima Okhrimchuk

What does the fact of investment mean to you as the company CEO?

Fundraising is one of the startup CEO’s responsibilities. It’s a fairly complex and time-consuming process, and I am happy to have WePlay Esports as one of our strategic investors. Getting funding from one of the global leaders in the esports industry confirms that we’re developing a competitive product and that we’re on the right track.

Have you and WePlay Esports already planned activities to bring community awareness to the platform?

Yes, we‘ve been closely collaborating with the holding team regarding promotion. There are several extraordinary events kicking off in the middle of November. With Organization.GG's platform, we can diversify WePlay Esports’ existing formats. Stay tuned – it’s going to be fascinating and interactive!

The Wolf Pack Challenge Experience is currently in private beta. Is there an exact date in November scheduled for release?

We do have an internal deadline, but since we’re a startup, anything can go wrong. What I can say for sure is that within days, not weeks, we’re going to be live with our beta. Subscribe to our updates!