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The transformation of entertainment content is striking. Instead of rigid TV programming, people now have unlimited content at any time on Netflix, YouTube, and a dozen other streaming platforms. Along with standard entertainment shows, many amazing, creative, and unusual formats have appeared. But is there really demand for unconventional content? Why do people like it? Simply put, what is its trick?

The popularity of extraordinary shows

The popularity of extraordinary shows. Credits: WePlay Holding

The popularity of extraordinary shows. Credits: WePlay Holding

Extravaganza shows are unique and out-of-the-box, capturing the attention of a broad audience. For example, the Ultimate Red Bull Soapbox Race Mayhem In Tokyo | Red Bull Soapbox Race 2019 amassed 2.3 million viewers on YouTube. Meanwhile, an average video on the Formula One YouTube channel gets about 500,000 viewers. So, it is worth not putting all the eggs in the YouTube basket only—F1’s 2023 season saw an average of 1.11 million viewers per race, twice less than the Red Bull Soapbox Race.

In essence, both shows are about racing, but they are radically different from each other. If Formula One focuses on sports and adrenaline, the Red Bull Soapbox Race evokes completely different emotions, such as amusement and astonishment. Red Bull has a knack for pushing boundaries, blending sports, adrenaline, and fun. Unlike your run-of-the-mill content, a show like the Red Bull Soapbox Race does not target a niche audience, so it will always be in demand. However, originality is not the only reason for the popularity of such shows.


A fun and unconventional show is a healthy way of escapism. Showing the viewer that the floor is lava does not require them to think and analyze; it gives them pure joy. Watching grown-ups compete in a children’s game with complex obstacles is a perfect way to switch off after a working day.

Unpolished and live

It is certainly a pleasure to watch professionals and their well-rehearsed acting. However, no one is perfect, and observing other imperfect people helps relieve the pressure of expectations that everyone feels on their shoulders. Although considered a cooking program, a show like Nailed It! does not aim to present a complex multi-step recipe but rather how amateurs handle a challenging and often overwhelming dish; they make mistakes but do it all with passion.

The surprise factor

You never know what car the creators will come up with at the next Red Bull Soapbox Race or what movie recipe will appear on the YouTube channel Babish Culinary Universe; it is impossible to predict what will happen on a curiosity show. The pandemic has given them a solid boost. When people were faced with the same routines day after day, it was unexpected and crazy entertainment that helped add flavor to their lives.

The main idea of many WePlay Studios’ shows is to create a wow effect and stand out from the rest. Moreover, it is precisely this approach that is most in demand at the moment. People are not usually fans of either sports, music, or gaming; viewers tend to combine all these interests. Crazy, unconventional shows are the best way to cater to the needs of all audiences.