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On September 13, 2022, the pilot episode of NFL Tuesday Night Gaming was broadcast live. The project, created in collaboration between the National Football League and Enthusiast Gaming, has become a first-of-its-kind show that brings together traditional sports and gaming cultures. However, NFL TNG also gave rise to a considerable number of questions and debates. Is it possible to organically combine such dissimilar industries? How to make the project interesting for both sports and esports fans at the same time?

The WePlay Esports team, in partnership with Enthusiast Gaming, is responsible for the production of NFL Tuesday Night Gaming and hosts the show at the WePlay Esports Arena Los Angeles, California. Today, we would like to share what it took to create such an out-of-the-box product from a technical point of view.

What is NFL Tuesday Night Gaming?

A weekly entertaining online show powered by the National Football League (NFL) and Enthusiast Gaming. Every week, eight NFL players and legends and four gaming content creators from major gaming organizations compete in popular game titles — EA SPORTS™ Madden NFL 23, Fall Guys, Fortnite, Rocket League, and more — to find out who the real gaming pro is. The show is streamed on YouTube in the United States and Canada every Tuesday.

WePlay Esports about work on NFL TNG production

Our team is responsible for developing and implementing the project format, its design and content components, creating computer graphics and augmented reality for the broadcast, as well as the technical support of the show. Once WePlay Esports became a production partner, we had little more than a month to prepare for the pilot stream.

We worked at the WePlay Esports Arena in Los Angeles, which has an area of 20,000 square feet with a screen area of 2,140 square feet. One of the arena’s special features is that we can adjust most of the settings remotely. So, both our teams in Ukraine and the U.S. were involved in the project.

The goal was to create a bright and catchy program that projects a spirit of competition, but with a relaxed vibe, like a true family show that anyone enjoys. Looking at the project, we are extremely proud of the graphics and design we’ve developed, starting with the color scheme and ending with the distinctive style. We have designed a unique, sports-themed visual style with gaming elements. The viewer gets the concept of the show at a glance but, at the same time, remains intrigued.

We implemented augmented reality (AR) effects, so the players could appear on stage without leaving the comfort of their gaming setups. While there were only two masters of ceremonies on stage, the audience could take a look at the gaming influencers and feel their emotions. We also used XR technology to visually expand the set and create the effect of full presence for the viewer.

Besides preparing, we are in charge of broadcasting the show. An episode runs for about three hours on average. During the broadcast, our operators, AR specialists, and many other professionals make sure that viewers get what they come for. Without overloading the audience with purely gaming content, we insert small and easy Q&A sessions with the participants. Besides NFL TNG, we also created a family entertainment event where stars can compete in their favorite games.

NFL Tuesday Night Gaming is the first major live show of its kind. We wanted to show NFL players as people who have hobbies, a sense of humor, and lives that go beyond sports. In addition to being strong athletes, they also play games and watch tournaments. Looking at the feedback from the audience, we can say we achieved that.