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Some games end up on gamers' wish lists before release, while others are launched quietly, and only a handful of devoted fans know about them.

In 2023, more than 14,000 new games of different quality and genres, from no-names to A-star studios, made it to Steam. Unfortunately, many of these games may have slipped under your radar, as smaller studios often need more resources for extensive marketing strategy, influencer collaboration, participation in gaming conferences, etc. However, thanks to the OTK Games Expo, every game with a big idea has a chance to get a supercharge.

About the OTK Games Expo

The OTK Games Expo is not just a show but an immersive journey into the gaming world. Focusing on lesser-known indie games, Asmongold and the rest of the OTK team bring unique games with unconventional ideas to the forefront. Over a span of about four hours, the hosts play these hidden gems and engage in lively conversations, creating a fun and interactive experience.

At the start of summer, on June 4, 2024, the OTK Games Expo showcased over 30 games across eight genres: Adventure, Fighter, Platformer, Action, Cozy, Strategy, Horror, and Shooter. Throughout the year, everyone could submit games that deserve attention. The main thing is not the studio size but the game's idea and mechanics. For example, in 2024, the show featured a game where a luckless worker must complete tasks while avoiding dangers like an evil old lady and other things. Another intriguing showcase was a fighting game that transported players to the cosmic realm, featuring ninja cheerleaders battling formidable foes.

The WePlay Esports Arena Los Angeles served as three different locations to fulfill the show's idea. First, there was a stage with LED screens where the hosts showed new games and trailers. Second, there was an interview room where hosts could chat with the show's guests. Finally, there was a gaming area where the team could enjoy some games. At the WePlay Esports Arena Los Angeles, the event hosts were also joined by developers who revealed the stories of their studios, teams, and games, creating inspiring content for fans.

Get your idea to be heard

OTK Games Expo Statistics. Credits: WePlay Holding

OTK Games Expo Statistics. Credits: WePlay Holding

The show's results again confirm the audience's demand for niche, authentic content about games: about 280 thousand peak viewers and 977 thousand hours watched. In addition, OTK supercharged games receive up to 60 thousand user reviews. The OTK Games Expo is not just a beacon for little-known studios passionate about ideas but a catalyst for change in the gaming community. The show inspires the creation of unique, innovative games that captivate and engage players.