Five Types of Marketing Videos Every Brand Needs

Five Types of Marketing Videos Every Brand Needs

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You may have already read about video marketing and its various aspects in previous articles. Why do we need short-form videos, how do they help promote streams, and what trends exist in video production in general? Today, we will focus more on the types of marketing videos that just about anyone can harness.

Promotional videos

This is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing video marketing. The first video commercial appeared about 60 years ago. A lot has changed since: marketers have tried different ad forms and durations, sometimes as short as a couple of seconds, dynamic storytelling, hiring professional actors, and so on. Of course, there are now many more channels for distributing video advertising. In addition to traditional TV, businesses use YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms as distribution channels. However, this particular genre of video marketing has retained its relevance but has become less effective.

Reviews and testimonials

Many users pay attention to reviews when selecting a product, trying to choose the most suitable solution. However, you shouldn’t limit this feedback to just text. Text feedback is often emotionally impersonal and can be less effective because of this. Implementing video testimonials can be more difficult, but companies still use this format to create a stronger emotional connection with potential buyers.

Explainers and tutorials

Many businesses, especially those creating complex software solutions, invest heavily in educational content. The plan is straightforward: the better the user understands how to use the tool, the more benefits they will get and the more satisfied they will be with their choice. The tutorials here cover not only videos on platforms like YouTube but also larger-scale projects such as online courses, webinars, and so on.

Brand storytelling videos

Stories of founders and customers help prospects learn more about the brand as a whole rather than just your specific product. If the brand’s values correspond to the viewer’s, this is a huge step forward in building trust and an emotional connection between the label and its customers. This makes your company stand out and showcases the positive impact it provides. Therefore, customers willingly become the brand’s volunteer ambassadors, spreading the word about it to family and friends.

Live videos

Live videos such as livestreams feel authentic and help brands engage with the audience right now. Viewers appreciate seeing the faces behind the brand and getting a genuine glimpse behind the scenes. This is the most straightforward way for a business to collect feedback and answer the audience’s needs. On the other hand, livestreaming is a form of lengthy content that should be engaging to keep viewers watching.

These are some of the most common forms of marketing videos that almost every business needs. By integrating them into your strategy, you can take a more dynamic approach to communicating with your audience by allowing them to feel your brand and its values. By sharing authentic stories about your brand’s mission, values, and commitment to customers, you can build trust and loyalty over time.