Award submissions and nominations.

Each esports award has its own prestige and develops the community further. In order to deserve an esports award, companies need a mix of planning, technology, passion, and good work. Those ingredients are exactly what WePlayHolding values, and we firmly believe that WePlay will have much to talk about in that regard in the near future — and in the far future as well! Seeking to improve even more each year, WePlay Holding has a very optimization-oriented mindset. That’s why we have this page — as a trophy gallery and a recognition of our hard work. Each time we’re shortlisted or win a prize, we will have an update for you here; badges awarded for successful tournaments, given by teams or the crowd, will also be here. Whether they are esports awards given at the end of the year in association with gaming companies or badges of recognition acquired through our hard work, we are very proud of our esports awards and nominations, as any organization should be. We will also give an overview of each esports award in order to offer an in-depth coverage of the celebrations: there are many factors going far beyond “player of the year”, and we will explain each of them below; rookies, mobile gamers, and newcomer organizations, for instance, also have their place! Many esports awards are celebrated each year. One of the most consistent ways to show recognition to those who excel at their work is by giving an end-of-year award. Many industries in entertainment also have their celebrations (Oscar, Emmy, and the like are a few examples), and in esports, it's no different. Receiving an award is a great honor, and at WePlayHolding, we constantly seek to stand out in the market. We are heavily committed to esports and entertainment! What are the most common esports awards? Games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2 are well-known for doing great ceremonies to celebrate those worthy of a mention and a victory for their performance each year. For players and organizations, the commonly given esports awards are Player of the Year, Team of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, Caster of the Year, Personality of the Year, Organization of the Year, Esports Content Creator of the Year, Esports Coverage Website of the Year, Esports Supporting Agency of the Year, Streamer of the Year, Esports Console Player, Esports Mobile Game. As you can see, the list goes far and beyond just “Best Player”. Each company develops its own award system, so it’s possible to receive an award in the same category twice, in two independent games. Independent award nominations are also important. Many categories are created and voted by the press, such as the very popular Game of the Year — done by Steam, IGN, and others; also, there are many ways to show recognition, such as community badges. Those awards are very relevant both in esports and in entertainment media. What does WePlay Holding compete for? At WePlay Holding, we seek to be recognized specifically for our hosted tournaments and coverage. Therefore, our team works hard to receive institution-oriented awards, as well as broadcasting awards for our talents. We seek to be the best esports commercial partner, create the best esports content series and the best esports tournaments, and it’s only natural that this commitment from our teams and leaders will be returned in the form of many more esports awards and nominations! Awards are important to cement a brandIn branding, it’s more than motivational to receive an award: it solidifies the trust put in us by other partners and the public, which the WePlay Holding values the most. Our projects are designed to make all of the esportainment environment better, creating revenue and even more possibilities for players to shine. That’s also a reason for us to proudly put our awards and nominations on display: it summarizes what we’re trying to do as a company and holding.