Why Content Production Companies Do More Than Production

Why Content Production Companies Do More Than Production

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Most businesses are already using video in their marketing strategies. Some invest more in long-form content, while others focus on social media. However, 2024 statistics show that there are still marketing specialists who do not use video in any way. This article will focus on video usage in marketing and how content production companies can help.

What stops marketing specialists from using video

Before jumping to conclusions, let’s identify the three main reasons marketing specialists avoid video content production.


The most common reason is the lack of time. About 23% of marketing professionals who do not use video blame it on lack of time. To create even one video, you need to develop a script, find a location, equipment, and so on. So, it might just make sense to prioritize already existing processes over learning the ropes of unexplored marketing strategies.

Development takes time and does not promise quick results. However, in the end, any business needs it.


The second most common reason is, of course, resources. High-quality content production is quite expensive. It’s not just about renting the venue or technology but also about the specialists: film editors, camera operators, etc.

If decision-makers don’t see a direct benefit from using video, they won’t invest in it. But the ROI is high enough that creating video content will ultimately pay off.


Finally, many marketing specialists don’t know where to start. Should they make short videos or long ones? What distribution platform to choose? Most importantly, what should the video be about? Taking an original idea and bringing it to life takes a lot of work.

How content production teams can serve as creative agencies

How content production teams can serve as creative agencies

How content production teams can serve as creative agencies

All of the above are reasons enough to reconsider your video production approach. Surprisingly, the issues can all be resolved quite easily with the right contractor. Content production companies with a good portfolio often do not just deliver technical solutions but provide entire project support from brainstorming to distribution. A content production team can help develop a format that will meet your brand’s needs and your audience’s interests.

In addition, content production takes over the responsibility for the idea’s technical implementation. You won’t have to look for a location, rent equipment, or hire specialists. Counterintuitively, you have more control over the budget since the content production team prepares an already finalized estimate with all the expense items you might have forgotten.

For example, WePlay Studios is as interested in the quality of its productions as the client because it values its reputation. The team is proud of its events, acting as a reliable technical contractor and a creative agency ready for new ideas. Thanks to its experience in content production, the company understands the key metrics and can easily recognize which content works best for a specific audience.