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What do you know about Counter-Strike or the esports economy in general? The answer will almost certainly be “not enough.” Details of deals and contracts are all NDA-protected, and player and team pricing is often unclear — open sources offer a few details, and that’s it. Occasionally, you may come across a rare gem — news about a player’s transfer for several million, but at the end of the day, this is a drop in the ocean. So, Esports Transfers decided to change it and make the picture clear for each esports community member.

By way of introduction: a few words about Esports Transfers

Esports Transfers is the industry leader in computing the monetary value of esports players. We provide an estimated value based on various parameters. Our algorithm, EPV-1, is a complex technology that aims to maintain transparency in the esports industry. The Esports Transfers team constantly enhances it to obtain more precise results.

Our algorithm was the core of the Esports Transfers platform for a long time. While it solved many issues esports orgs faced, there were bottlenecks where people needed something more comprehensive than the bare algorithm. So, before anyone else did it, we went through our platform’s shortcomings and found a way to improve Esports Transfers.

Evolution points

Providing more information. The algorithm only gives a general assessment by analyzing five parameters without going into detail about each. For example, suppose a potential team member’s Skills parameter (one of the five key metrics the algorithm considers) is sagging. In that case, the agent gets a general picture that lacks context. In order to make a decision about transferring a player, esports organizations need to know a lot about them — not just an estimated amount. Things like transfer history, general statistics, and much more are necessary to get a player profile that is as complete as possible.

Unveiling new esports stars. Although Esports Transfers offers a large database, until recently, the platform only covered some players, mainly from Counter‑Strike 2. At the same time, esports representatives, players, and coaches in different titles needed such a tool for their sphere. The question became, simply put — wouldn’t it be good if there was a tool that gives a complete and verified profile of a player or coach in a couple of clicks? We thought so, too, and it became another step on our development path.

Offering more opportunities for esports personalities. We used to enter all the information onto the platform ourselves. Although this process is the most accurate, it is quite labor-intensive and leaves little room for players to add info to their profiles. For example, if a player participated in a tournament but had no record, there was little to be done. Let’s face the facts — to scale up the database, our previous process had to be enhanced.

Meet updated Esports Transfers

Meet updated Esports Transfers. Credits: WePlay Holding

Meet updated Esports Transfers. Credits: WePlay Holding

Player profile info

Let’s start with player profiles. Besides the initial pentagon of parameters — leadership, skills, consistency, experience, and media presence — a lot of new information has been added to the player’s profile. Our toolkit goes beyond estimated price metrics, expanding each player’s profile with extra info such as HLTV 2.0, KAST, and 16 other parameters.

In addition, we have added information about market value history, transfer history, and event stats. In essence, we have become a huge data repository where you can see not only the player’s current status but also the dynamics of their career in general.

Player profile info on Esports Transfers. Credits: WePlay Holding

Player profile info on Esports Transfers. Credits: WePlay Holding

Profile Number

Besides players, we also added coaches to further enhance the database. Currently, we monitor the dynamics of 1,100 players and 300 staff members, but we plan to add more players in the next update and offer a total of about 9,000 profiles.

Moreover, we have developed an option for players to independently create and edit their profiles. Of course, players won’t be able to edit the price, pentagon parameters, or Tier, but they can add information about themselves. A player will fill in information about all their tournaments, prizes, and all their teams. However, the information on the page will become clickable only when other team members confirm their participation using the special Ex-members functionality. This gives us an opportunity for verification.

How to edit your profile. Credits: Esports Transfers

How to edit your profile. Credits: Esports Transfers

Transfer Room and other features

Along with constantly improving existing functionality, we are also working on new tools to make the transfer process in esports transparent and convenient. One of our recent updates introduced a new Transfer Room tool to users, especially talent scouts, intended to help them find players. The Transfer Room offers a Free Agent list (players who are looking for a team), a Transfer list (those put up for transfer by the team), and a Loan list (those available for rent).

The tool tracks Tier A–D players for now, but more newcomers will be added soon.

Is Esports Transfers free?

Yes! All services are available completely free of charge, and for now, our platform model is open to everyone. So register your account or search for information about esports stars.

In essence, Esports Transfers strives to become an indispensable tool in the esports field that will be able to satisfy the requirements of players, organizations, and esports enthusiasts. Esports Transfers is a young project that is developing in response to the urgent needs of the audience. Each of our new features and updates is backed with data that leaves no room for assumption and offers fresh facts in a couple of clicks. Join our Discord channel of like-minded people to be the first to know about our updates.