VOD content media rights

WePlay Esports provides media rights for VOD content usage and hosting to studios, OTT platforms, media, and TV.

We create video content within the tournament period, both during and after an event. It can be highlights, game recordings, and backstage footage.

Types of VOD content

  • Highlights

    The most popular post-production videos after the end of a tournament day. These are short videos about the most memorable game moments. Each highlight lasts from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, however, their duration can be adapted to your request.

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  • Game recordings

    Compilations of fragments of a live stream, a favorite team game, or the whole tournament day.

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  • Backstage

    Backstage footage gives viewers a look behind the scenes. While these stories don’t get on the air, viewers find them interesting. Backstage footage may show the team working on the aspects that make an exciting broadcast: studio design, lighting, photography and filming, visual effects, or even hosts’ looks.

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What can you do with VOD content media rights?

Legally post our company’s content on your Youtube channel, OTT media platform, or social networks. This option does not include online broadcasting.
Integrate your own sponsors into VOD content.
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