Development of branded gaming content

Developing gaming content as part of tournament integrations and promo campaign development

Branded gaming content is video or art that can be shown between games, during match broadcasts, or even incorporated into the gaming world.

When preparing content, WePlay Esports builds on brand goals. For example, increasing reach or engagement with the audience, attracting a new younger demographic, or tying a brand to esports and the gaming industry.

As part of the game content preparation, our team can

Create videos to naturally integrate the brand into the gaming theme: videos with heroes and visualization of the game world, video reviews of products, and commercials (spots, bumpers, clips) for tournament broadcasts
Develop browser games where viewers can win prizes or receive promo codes to purchase your brand’s services or products.
Design customized skins — weapon or hero modifications using the brand identity
Develop fun sticker packs for messengers or chats reminding your audience about the brand
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