Tournament integration and VOD content

An esports tournament consists of dozens of hours’ worth of online broadcasts, video, and text content. Become part of an event viewers will remember for a long time.

Brand integration into a tournament includes a variety of ways to showcase a brand in both physical and virtual space.

  • Brand impressions in an online esports tournament broadcast and integrations into VOD content will help the audience tie your brand to a cult event. Videos about a competition are often added to YouTube compilations and published on news portals.
  • Pop-up banners

    Pop-up banners with ads and calls to action during the game, displaying the brand logo in analytics studios, and product demonstrations.

    Brand integrations into Dota 2 takes your brand to the next level
  • Live broadcast integrations

    Integration into WePlay Esports tournament live broadcasts on Twitch channels.

    Pepsi integration into our events: sweet and well done
  • Customizing the WePlay Esports Twitch channel

    Customizing the WePlay Esports Twitch channel using brand identity for the duration of the tournament.

    Our Twitch channel displaying the recent events created by us
  • Branded commercials

    Display of branded commercials in between matches.

    WePlay Esports: Esports and entertainment
  • InGame integration

    Placing the brand’s visual identity in the game world, particularly on maps (a map is a competitive environment where matches between teams take place in real time), adding clickable messages and promo codes during the game, designing art in the style of the brand’s visuals.

    Creating unique integrations such as this Dota 2 McDonald's action - the courier delivery