Esports sponsorship

Esports sponsorship gives brands the opportunity to introduce themselves to a young, tech-savvy audience that watches tournament broadcasts and associated content with great interest.

Each sponsor slot provides for a variety of impression options, which are negotiated on a case-to-case basis.

As part of our tournaments, we can integrate a brand into augmented reality elements and even create a character for the brand and place it in the studio.

What we offer

We provide the following sponsorship opportunities

This package includes our exclusive Augmented Reality solution.

We’ll ensure we focus on each step of the process, and we’ll work from briefing to production stage to create a comprehensive promotion campaign for your brand.

All Sponsor and Official Sponsor integrations are included.

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WePlay Esports provides a creative strategy and consults with you to ensure we can provide clear and targeted tonality which will grab the target market attention and create clear calls to action metrics.

Brand integration is amplified through press releases.

All Sponsor integrations are included.

Exclusive for 1 official sponsor per category.

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The brand is featured in all WePlay Esports event communications.

All social media announcements are included.

Your brand will be positioned in key physical locations across the tournament venue and integrated onto our global digital broadcast.

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